Top Ten Reasons to Crochet (A little tongue in cheek)

10. It's a great excuse to watch TV and still look like you're being productive.  What other hobby allows you to watch the entire series of Psych and Leverage (with commentaries) while accomplishing something.
9.To prove that you are a domestic goddess, of course.  How impressed will your mother-in-law be when she sees you crochet your own dishcloths.
8. To make something useful.  Crochet isn't all granny squares and toilet paper cozies anymore.  Check out this lovely basket pattern by Crochet in Color I found online.
7.To improve your counting skills.  To keep track of your stitches, you have to count and count and, especially if you're crocheting around other people, count again and again.
6. Self-defense.  If your would-be mugger isn't intimidated by your sharp scissors and blunted hooks, you can trip him up with that one skein of yarn you just can't seem to get untangled.
5. It's impressive.  Think about it.  You're taking a crooked stick and a ball of string and turning into and amigurumi gryphon.  That's just cool.
4.It's also a great excuse to spend more time on Pinterest.  Like any of us needed an excuse.
3. It's a fantastic recycling tool.  Read about crocheting with plarn (plastic yarn) made from recycled bags here:
2. It's calming.  And we all need a little more calm in our lives.
1.  Because crocheting and designing beautiful things brings delight to ourselves and others and really what else do you need to know?


  1. Ha ha so funny I reading this and I've been watching psych on hulu why crocheting lol


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