Christmas is coming...

No new pattern yet this week; I had a bit of a melt-down (which seems to have become an integral part of my creative process) and decided my patterns are too rushed and I need to FOCUS.  Does anyone else spend so much time multi-tasking that the idea of doing just one thing becomes daunting?  Part of it, of course, is that I work retail; one never can catch up to all the things that need doing working retail during the Christmas shopping season.  And if I stay extraordinarily busy I don't have time to think too much about all the nagging details I can't figure out or am uneasy about or the fact that I'm generally unsure of where my life is headed AND I still have far too many Christmas presents left to buy.  Yes, I should be making more of my  Christmas presents and no, I really don't have time.  I found myself seriously considering today the idea of crocheting a little something for each of my cashiers before our supervisor meeting Thursday and then realized that even I am not that insane or ambitious.  One of these days, someone is going to have to give me a lesson in the fine art of planning ahead, but I do work so well under pressure, it almost seems a shame.  Which brings me to my point, if I can stop rambling long to get to one, that I especially need a more concrete plan for this blog, and if anyone has any ideas, by all means let me know.  If I ever get time, I thought I'd write and/or gather some articles about amigurumi design; I also have considered making a pattern links list as my go-to list was recently taken over by an advertiser and has stopped updating.  Contests would be fun once I get more regular readers and amigurumi reference material all in one place would be good and now I'm rambling again.  I think I'll go sign off and see if I can't manage to get a good start on the crocheted polar bear-ling I've been mulling over.  Good night, all.


  1. Oh, you sound like me! Are you also trying to put out one pattern design each week? I started a challenge to do it in August 2012 (I call it my Yarndango challenge) and have been doing that as well as try to create other things. LOL. I'm nuts. But I figured the year-long challenge of designing and writing amigurumis would make me a better pattern writer. Because even though I've crocheted for years, it was just this past year or two in which I started writing them down for others to use. Oh well. I'm learning a lot and having fun with it when it isn't driving me insane. And there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.

  2. Mostly I'm just trying to post consistently...which tends to be tricky between my job and shaky internet connection. And attention span. I think a pattern a week would kill me, lol.


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