Midnight Reverie

I have had a truly awful, wretchedly terrible, unspeakably horrible day so ,to spite the devil, I'm going to write a blog about things that make me happy.

Things That Make Me Happy or Delightful Interludes

1. The clever five year old from my Sunday School class who, in an attempt to "trick" the youth minister who was teasing her this morning, pointed behind him at the wall of the church basement and announced, "Look behind you!  It's a pony!"
2. The absolutely gorgeous view of the night sky I was treated to when I got out of my car a few minutes ago.  The sky is extraordinarily clear, and I don't think I've ever seen so many stars at once.
3.  My amazing, incredible, insane, clannishly loyal, delightfully eccentric family.  Especially the newest members, who are all so adorable it almost hurts to look at them.
4.  The hand-painted "Please Slow Down-Chicken Crossing" signs my neighbors have put up at the side of the road on either end of their property.  I'm not sure why they fill me with such delight every timeI drive by, but they do.  And I very dutifully slow down every time.
5. The slowly growing pile of crochet patterns I've invented. Design makes me ridiculously, obscenely happy.
6. The younger co-worker who, seeing that I was getting overwhelmed, told me quite seriously, "I know you'll be fine.  You're a superstar."
7.  Babies.  The one thing I really, really enjoy about working retail is the extraordinary number of adorable little ones I get to see/talk to/coo over during my shift.
8. Leverage commentaries. I'm aware it makes me a dork, but I think I've now watched the first three seasons of the amazing TNT show with commentaries far more than I have without commentaries.  And somehow they never get boring.  And while I'm at it, seasons of show on DVD in general, since we don't actually get channels.  I'm always a season behind, but the ability to rewatch indefinitely is totally worth it.
9.  The fact that I'm actually managing to pick up an internet signal this late at night and ...
10. ...the fact that I don't have to work until afternoon tomorrow and therefore, could conceivably sleep until after lunch.  Not that I will, but it's nice to have the option.
Good night, world,
Sheep O'Delight